2019NOV04 – When you think life disfavors you

Such thing as ‘life disfavors you’ only applies when you have no control of what’s happening in your life. Yet, not having control in your life only justify that you can’t decide for yourself. It might be because you are mentally unstable. However if you are aware what makes you unstable, isn’t it the better to be not get involved with it? That’s the most optimistic way to put it, but in reality it can be difficult, to sustain our life or to achieve our ambition even if it means it would cripple us. But again, ask yourself are there different paths? Perhaps, you are thinking that time is too short, that you have to prioritize these ambitions. If so, remember, it is what you chose and you already made commitments. If you think life disfavors you, it only means you are not ready enough when you agreed to commit to it, and/or perhaps you assumed on certain aspect of your decisions or you denied something that should have been considered that makes the situation unfavorable to you.



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