2020AUG16 – When seizing the day is getting off

You may be in the middle of crisis thinking whether you should be doing what makes you happy or work towards your goals. But think a little more, how did you end up here? If it’s because what you have been doing right now is part of your plan, perhaps you need to reassess yourself if you did mistakes or miscalculations the past few days, weeks, or months. Be honest to admit it. And if so, make amends, rectify, and fill in the gaps you did. You may ask, ”when?” the answer is it has to be now. Time is always running. There won’t be such thing as ”seize the day” if there is no such thing as running time.

To end, have you ever even thought you won’t be in this kind of situation if your past self did not work really hard to be in this place? Think again. Make actions. And when trying to get the things that would make you happy, make sure to never ever take people, time, and opportunities for granted. That’s how you righteously define ”seize the day.”



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