2021FEB21 – When surrounded by great achievers (and getting out the comfort zone)

You may be surrounded right now by people whom apparently you found out have great achievements. They were in the news, they won in local and even global competitions, they were class valedictorians, they literally have successfully helped out their communities, and more. And there you are, thinking you are worthless in comparison to what they have done so far in life. Although it is an amazing feeling to be surrounded by them, it is sometimes scary not only to keep up but those thoughts that what if you were dragging them into your level?

Truth is keeping up will only make you burned out. What you only need is to get out of your comfort zone. Ask yourself, how did they able to achieve these things, or how did they are able to catch and pursue these opportunities? Is it because of their environment? Like perhaps, they have a very supportive family and friends that helped them persevere and push themselves forward. Then imagine what’s your current situation right now? Are you still keeping your toxic family and friends who are psychologically and emotionally dragging you down? Interacting with them as if they would help you grow, but in fact not? And if it’s really true that they’re not helping at all, then cut-off ties, or at the very least, do not interact too much. Better yet, find a better environment that you can express the best out of yourself.

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Updated: Get out of your comfort zone – Mar. 21, 2021



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