Ten-points: In making life to the fullest

Disclaimer: May only applicable to people with short attention span


  • Maximize time by making sure you’re going to do the things that matters. Matters based on return of time and effort investment
  • Clean up clutters and resolve conflicts that causes distraction so you can be more focused and reminded on what to do


  • Rewind with your personal story from the past —thru recordings, notes, or maybe vlogs you did that best manifests and resonates to what you feel right now
  • Listen to the music from your existing playlist that triggers strong non-problematic emotions from the past
  • Watch a film or series or read stories that can help unmask your subsconscious or describe those feelings you could not articulate


  • Reflection of learning and noting down information that applies to help build the foundation of area.


  • Explore and watch series, read a story, or listen to a song you haven’t previously watched, read, and listened to. Extract those things that resonates to what you feel now and see a different light and seek how you can improve it or move to a better path
  • Explore things that curious you about. Note: Do not take a note which can distract you while exploring, unless you have decided it’s worth the shot to commit


  • Rest effectively meaning don’t give a fuck especially on pressures from people
  • Stay recharged and revitalized by being level-headed. Note: People have different ways to stay recharged

Written and has been stuck on my personal notes since May 12, 2021. Decided to publish here on Feb 12, 2022.



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