2022JAN15 – When feeling disinterested

You have come across again to the stage where you feel disinterested. In such, the things you have worked and thrived so hard have become too mundane or too easy. That when you do activities related to it, you don’t feel that kind of spark anymore. But what exactly caused it? Is it because you become bored? But what exactly caused your boredom? Is it caused by you not exploring things? Then why did you stop exploring things? Maybe, perhaps, you have been thinking all this time that you already know everything about it or you have been thinking you have done a lot. And that’s basically where the problem lies. You lacked humility. In most cases, people who have thrived and feel happy in their field have that similar virtue of having humility. You can’t expect a grown-up veteran to get fresh ideas from younger minds if they will act conceited as if they already know everything in the field. In fact, they’d likely to get outdated and become ineffective ”professional”—that they only have the experience on their resume but when it comes to actual working, they are good as a novice or, worse, more awful than a novice. This does not only applies when you have become a veteran or known in the field. In fact, the reason why most novice people could not step up is that they have biases that they think they are already good enough. And the thing is you can’t have such biases if you are not conceited nor even have a faint contempt towards the environment you are working in. The simplest first step you can do right now is to ask yourself what causes you to feel this way and picture how it would affect you— and those you were thriving for— if you would still allow this kind of feeling. And if ever you have pictured a miserable scenario, maybe you should start working on having more humility.



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