2022SEP18 – When disappointment kept destroying yourself

So how many months have you been disappointed with people you look up to? 3 months? 6 months? Perhaps 12 months already? And meanwhile, how many months it have been since you are not being yourself? If it’s the same number of months then you have to face it. You need to ask yourself: ”Am I disappointed because I look up to them?”. But perhaps the best question is: ”Why do I get disappointed?” The thing it’s impossible that you would feel like not being yourself when you get disappointed while keep saying that you have ”moved on”. Then tell me what exactly the cause of your disappointment is? Is it about the people or is it about you? Why did you feel disappointed? Were there times perhaps in your upbringing—from childhood to pre-adult period, when people you looked up to have disappointed you— and that no matter how many times you have tried telling them that you get upset about things they have done they still don’t listen to you. If so, you need to deal with it! Always deal with yourself first, especially if the coping mechanism doesn’t work. Be patient with the cause why you get disappointed. Be stoic for a little while especially if you believe you know better.



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