2023MAY14 – When you start forgetting yourself

There would be a point in your life when you are in the zone. Being able to do things right consistently and on time. Yet you suddenly lose that feeling of being fascinated by opportunities or celebrating those small wins you have done.

You noticed that you kept asking every day “Ok then now what?” It’s either you only get stressed after your small wins or you slowly noticed that although you are in the zone, you kept on the box. Then you started feeling as if it’s pointless and what’s worse is you’d lose that drive to keep pushing yourself. Because in the first place, how can you push yourself when you can’t see what’s in there anymore?

What you can do however is to look at your current situation. What was the drive why you started? Why are you organizing an event? Why did you start a business? Why you joined your current employer? Then compare what you are gaining now vs. what you thought you would have gained. Are they the same as what you projected?

Do not say “But I am happy, I can adjust”. Do not fall into the trap of false memories. This may be your natural way to cope because you had to be happy or else you won’t be able to keep up with your environment. What you can do is compare the definition of happiness before you started vs. how happy you are right now.

If you have compared them and don’t make a move, the worse thing that would happen is totally losing yourself.


2020APR27 – How you should look forward on things

No matter how bad it gets, always optimistically look forward on each and every single things that would happen on your day or week or months or so. You do not need to explicitly tell that to other people. But at least digest each things that would going to happen as something to looking forward for. This would allow you release and balance the ff. hormones – ‘dopamine’, ‘serotonin’, and ‘oxytocin’ Being in love with life and that feeling of looking forward on things that would happen would be the most healthiest thing you can do to yourself.

Good: Dopamine: alertness, time ; Serotonin: happiness, cues, judgement ; Oxytocin: attachment, sensitivity.

Bad: Estrogen: lust, thus selfish, thus failed to be objective ; Cortisols: stress, overthinking, thus difficult to decide

Update: Apologies for the pseudo-science. It’s been really hard during these days. — Aug. 12, 2020