2019SEP28 – A lesson from a recklessly flipped pancake

When making a pancake, the one who is cooking has to wait for the mixture to be molded before flipping it, or else, its shape would break. And it never really matters if you have made perfect pancakes before. This is the same with making most of our decisions, that an impulsive one might cause havoc in our life. As the one who is handling your own life, you have to be sure you are capable of handling things before telling yourself that it is time. It might sound simpler for a pancake, but when we talk about things in life, it is just also a matter of patience. If one has to choose havoc over delight, I bet, you would choose delight. And in delight, one has to be incredibly patient.

From earlier today when we were watching a pancake being mindfully cooked at an Okonomiyaki restaurant, 12:30PM. Though, the pancakes were not recklessly flipped, and in fact, the person cooking was very proficient with what she was doing, but subtly noticed when one pancake was flipped a bit earlier as it should have had, and ‘oof’ – a rash decision I just made kinda occurred in my mind.